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Fracturing Units

  • Main Fracturing Unit Products
  • Here in Petrokh, we introduce following frac equipments for gas/oil engineer.

  • 1. Frac Pumper
  • We provide various truck, trailer and skid mounted frac pumpers, including YLC105-1340, YLC105-1490, YLC105-1860, YLC140-2080, etc.

  • 2. Frac Blender
  • This kind of fracturing unit product is used for the purpose of mixing fracturing fluids with chemicals and proppant. Typical models offered by us are HS210 and HS360.

  • 3. Data Van
  • It is a mobile unit to monitor, display, record and analyze the various pumping and well parameters. They are also divided into truck, trailer and skid mounted types.

  • 4. Hydration Unit
  • This fracturing unit is designed for preparation of water base gels and directly using powder gelling agent during hydraulic fracturing.