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Nitrogen Unit

Nitrogen Unit

Nitrogen pumping units include a wide range of nitrogen pumping equipments for both onshore and offshore use. They can make use of heat recovery to vaporize liquid nitrogen. Besides, the nitrogen pump truck can deliver nitrogen nitrogen gas at high rates and pressures with direct-fired units. Including onshore and offshore nitrogen pump trucks, our operational capabilities range from stand-alone nitrogen services (such as freeing stuck drill pipe, unloading or cleaning out wellbores) to supplying coiled tubing, fracturing and pumping service lines with essential components in various application.

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  • Applications of Nitrogen Pumping Units
  • Nitrified Acid Stimulation

    • Wellbore Cleanouts

    • Wellbore Fracturing and Stimulation

    • Coiled Tubing Support

    • Underbalanced Milling and Drilling

    • Pipeline Purging and Pressure Testing

    • Foam Cementing

    • Live Well Applications (Flameless Units) 

  • Equipments of Nitrogen Pumping Units
  • 1. Special heated control cabin is established.

    2. Electronic rate and pressure displayers are equipped.

    3. Overpressure shut down makes it safer in operation.

    4. Storage tank capacity is 7886 scm. 

  • Features of Nitrogen Pumping Units
  • 1. Accurate rates and volumes are charted in pressure testing.

    2. Purging is accurately controlled, no matter in temperature or in pressure.

    3. Multiple units are available for simultaneous operations during drying.

    4. It features high temperature and flameless high pressure.

    5. We offer quality engineering services for clients. Besides, safety trained operators are designated to teach clients to manipulate nitrogen pumping units in right ways. 

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