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Acidizing Unit

  • Features of Acidizing Unit
  • 1. High Horsepower Utility Pumping

    2. Acidizing DaqPaq™ Real Time Monitoring

    3. Recording Mixing Tub with Feed Auger Systems

    4. Acid Transportation Tanks

    3. Reliability, Simplicity and Mobility

    5. Mixing system of this acidizing unit is powered by the independent auxiliary diesel engine, leaving the entire 335 KW road engine for downhole pumping.

    6. It provides tremendous versatility in a compact package, able to mix and pump cements, diesel gel, diesel gel cement, batch fracs, acid, acid solvents and sand slurries.

    7. The cementing & acidizing equipment is field-designed and fabricated to withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • Applications of Acidizing Unit
  • 1. Shallow to Deep Well Applications

    2. Critical and Sour Gas Wells

    3. Surface, Intermediate and Production Casings

    4. Liner Cementing Operations

    5. Injectivity Tests

    6. Conductor Barrels and Well Kills

    7. High Pressure Pumping Operations

    8. Remedial Cementing and Acidizing Operations