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XJ250 Workover

XJ250 Workover

XJ250 workover rig contains a single drum drawworks and a hydraulic lifting double (or single) derrick. It is a drilling rig for well intervention. Its power comes from the hydraulic transimision case or from the chassis engine. This workover drilling rig is single in structure and suitable for mobile operation. Besides, its installation is easy and maintenance is convenient.

XJ250 Workover

  • Features:
  • 1. XJ250 workover rig adopts21 m(68.90 ft) double derrick or18 m(59.06 ft) single derrick.

    2. Chinese-made 6 × 4 or 6 × 6 chassis is optional to clients so as to increase its velocity and cross-country capability.

    3. For the single drum drawworks, sand reel and bank brake are optional. Besides, clients can choose 122 hydraulic retarder as brake assist system if it is needed.

    4. Derrick substructure is suspended at the tail of XJ250 workover rig. It is configured with simple work bench and easy to install.

    5. Rotary system is optional to realize rotary operation. 

  • Work Principle of XJ250 Workover Rig
  • Workover begins by removing the wellhead, then lifts the tubing hanger from the casing head, thus begins to pull the completion out of the well. The string will be always fixed in place by at least one production packer. If the packer is retrievable it can be released easily enough and pulled out with the completion string. If it is permanent, then it is common to cut the tubing just above it and pull out the upper portion of the string. If necessary, the packer and the tubing left in hole can be milled out, though more commonly, the new completion will make use of it by setting a new packer just above it and running new tubing down to the top of the old.


  • Parameters of XJ250 Workover Rig
  • Model


    Service Depth ( 2 7/8’’ UE tubing)

    3200 m

    Workover Depth ( 2 7/8’’ DP)

    2000 m

    Max Hook Load kN (lb)

    675 KN (151746 lb)

    Rated Hook Load Kn (lb)

    400 KN (89924 lb)

    Type of Drawworks

    ≥single drum/ double drum

    Drawwork Rated Power

    187 KW/250HP

    Engine Model

    CAT C-9

    Engine Power

    300 hp (224 KW)

    Derrick Height

    18 m

    Wireline Dia

    22 mm

    Effective Line Quantity


    Max Lifting Speed of Hook

    1.5 m/s