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Frac Acid Pumps

Frac Acid Pumps

Frac acid pumps can be operated alone and together with other fracturing equipments during well perforation. Its maximum working pressure reaches up to 100 MPa. We have several acidizing units capable of both low pressure jobs and high pressure jobs. Whether it is a small breakdown job, ball out acid treatment, or acid treatment with rock salt diversion, we can handle it.

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  • Typical Product
  • YLC105-1200 frac acid pumps are mobile devices equipped with a horizontal triplex high pressure plunger pump .YLC105-1200 type acidizing fracturing truck is mainly used in oil and gas fields in deep, deep and shallow well various acidizing fracturing operation, but also can be used for hydraulic sand, coal mine high pressure hydraulic coal mining, ship high pressure hydraulic cleaning production. 

  • Specifications of YLC105-1200 Frac Acid Pumps
  • Chassis

    Norther Benze 8 × 4






    Plunger Pump


    Max. Working Pressure

    99 Mpa(4” Plunger)

    Max. Flowing Rate

    2552 L/min(5” Plunger)

    Optional Plunger Size

    4”  4-1/2”  5”

    Max. Input Power of Plunger Pump

    1120 KW

    L × W × H

    2199 mm ×1472 mm×1113 mm


    ≤4500 kg

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