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Acidizing Thermal Washing Skid

Acidizing Thermal Washing Skid

Pump skid for oil well stimulation is a set of heat&acidification well washing pumps mainly used for workover operations. It is utilized to wash well, kill well and test the pipeline pressure at the well mouth. The acidizing thermal washing skid is constituted by pedestal, diesel engine, hydraulic transfer case, universal drive shaft, three-shaft gearbox, triplex plunger pump, suction/discharge pipeline, controlling system, etc.

  • Functions
  • 1. Pump skid for oil well stimulation is available for lifting gas and purging the pipeline.

    2. It can work in high pressure environment, especially for acidizing and thermal well washing.

    3. Even when it is 45° below 0°, the washing skid can work as usual. 

  • Parameters
  • Product                             Acidizing Thermal Washing Skid

    Dimension                      8600 × 2400 ×3000 mm

    Deck Engine                  DetroitS60 Engine

    Deck Transfer Case                Imported ZF Transfer Case

    Plunger Pump                          KH600

    Max. Working Pressure          97 Mpa

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