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  • Advantages of Petrokh Energy Exploitation Machines Unit
  • 1 To decrease production costs, we take actions as followings:
    (1) Our staffs are well trained so as to improve production efficiency.
    (2) Production facilities are regularly maintained to decrease the machine malfunction, which can save maintenance costs.
    (3) Material and energy consumptions are regularly analyzed and optimized.
    (4) Materials are from suppliers which are more geographically accessible to us, which makes transportation more economical.
    (5) Good delivery (production material) is conducted as scheduled.
    2. To fulfill demands from market and clients, Petrokh has established special research&development center where there are more than 20 professional and veteran engineers.
    3. Quality inspection is thorough and strict, no matter in material quality inspection, production process, delivery inspection, or in regular inspection and supervision.

  • Product
  • Our main products are fracturing units, cementing units, acidizing units, workover rigs, pump skids, skid-mounted systems, and so on. They are used for large-depth/middle depth/small depth oil well operations. According to functions, they are categorized into oilfield dedicated trucks, commonly-used trucks and freight trucks. Generally, oilfield dedicated trucks are fracturing blender truck, data van, fracturing unit, cementing truck, sand truck unit, etc. Commonly-used dedicated trucks refer to hoisting and conveying truck, multifunctional vehicle, water cart, etc. While the freight trucks are mainly tank trucks or vans. Petrokh energy exploitation machines are popularly used in Chinese market and make great contribution to national automobile manufacturing industry and energy industry, especially in exploiting oil-field gas, coal bed gas, and alike.

  • Annual Production
  • No. Model Quantity
    1 Oil-Field Dedicated Truck 300
    (1) Oil-Field Used Truck 50
    (2) Fracturing Blender Truck 15
    (3) Data Van 25
    (4) Fracturing Truck 75
    (5) Workover Rig 15
    (6) Cementing Truck 60
    (7) Cement Discharging Tnaker 30
    (8) Sand Truck Unit 30
    2 Commonly-Used Dedicated Truck 300
    (1) Hoisting and Conveying Truck 100

    Multifunctional Recovery Vehicle

    (3) Deicing Truck 50
    (4) Multifunctional Water Cart 100
    3 Freight Truck 400
    (1) Tank Truck 200
    (2) Van 200


    • YLC70-600 Acid Fracturing Truck
    • YLC70-600 Acid Fracturing Truck
      YLC70-600 acid fracturing truck is a stand-alone unit for fracturing operations. It consists of chassis, deck engine, hydraulic mechanical transmission case, triplex plunger pump, high/low pressure manifolds, measuring tank, manipulation system, operation cabin, etc.1. YLC70-600 acid fracturing truck features high pressure, larg...
    • Frac Acid Pumps
    • Frac Acid Pumps
      Frac acid pumps can be operated alone and together with other fracturing equipments during well perforation. Its maximum working pressure reaches up to 100 MPa. We have several acidizing units capable of both low pressure jobs and high pressure jobs. Whether it is a small breakdown job, ball out acid treatment, or acid treatment...